Service In Action

Any business can talk the “customer-service” talk. But far fewer companies take the necessary action and promote the policies that support their promises. We do. Here’s how:

We deliver a full range of fuels, oils, lubricants and propane directly to your company:

  • Drilling Rigs – Motor fuel, mud fuel and propane
  • Frac Operations – Onsite fueling
  • Water Injection Wells – Various oils
  • Construction Sites – Diesel, gas and propane
  • Family Farm – Diesel, gas and propane

In addition to the above, the following services are available at the Baker, MT facility:

  • 24-Hour Cardtrol gas and diesel pumps
  • Propane bottle fills
  • Motor, transmission and hydraulic oils
  • Lubricants

Safety First

We make safety the most important measure of success, beginning with a commitment to hiring the best-qualified employees. We use ISN Networld and PEC Safety Training to help ensure our employees are certified and compliant. All of the frontline employees at Prairie Fuels are trained to understand industry regulations and safety standards, maintain compliance with state and federal regulations, and certified for hazardous liquids transportation and storage.

Human Nature

You’ll speak to a live dispatcher when you place an order. Why is that important? Many customers—from oil & gas to construction—have unique needs and in many cases, special handling instructions. We ask the right questions to get your order right the first time.

Keep Flowing

We maintain agreements with multiple providers to ensure an uninterrupted flow of fuels and lubricants to your business.

Our Bid Is Our Word

A recent audit revealed that our customers were billed the same OPIS-based price they agreed to pay 99.9% of the time…for every gallon of fuel, on every order. That means no more billing adjustments or questionable pricing tactics that can leave you with a balance due. Request your OPIS-based price estimate.